Anonymous: I am sorry but what makes YOU think you're the queen of tattoos or something? Why do you think your opinion matters when it comes to someone else's tattoo? It's not on your body? It's not your skin? You didn't go get it? Why must you be such a bitch to people for having lame tattoos. Who cares if it's lame, that's their problem. No need to belittle them and make them feel as big as an ant. 

Yes I am queen thank.
All jokes aside I’m obviously allowed to voice my opinions. Hello, it’s art and I’m allowed to say whether I like it or not whether it’s on a person or canvas. I actually give nice critiques and give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time too unless it’s so bad I can’t find anything good to redeem the negativity with.
I’ll get a negative comment on my tattoos and I’m not a little bitch about it. I understand art is meant to be critiqued and I’ll take it like an adult. I fucking love my tattoos but you can have your opinion and I will respect it. If you can’t do the same then you shouldn’t have a tattoo because you obviously don’t understand the concept of art.

Also you seem to agree with me that something’s lame and I assume it’s the sailor moon one since the ‘the’ girl was kind about my honesty?? If so I love sailor moon so to see a poorly done background makes me hurt. And maybe infectious wasn’t the best word thinking back the phrase I was looking for was ‘it looked like someone cast poison on it’.

Anonymous: Hi! I'm a huge fan of you and your art! You're beautiful! :3 

Thank you lovely! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

stigmatypy: have you ever used black cat tattoo after care? i used it once on my last tattoo and i guess i'm allergic to it or something but it made my skin burn (like it got really hot and painful) and pulled some of the ink out of my tat 

Nope! I made a huge post about tattoo aftercare I used a while ago but I don’t think I tagged it unless it got auto tagged as ‘ask’.
I generally just wash, aquaphor, and moisturize (not all at once hah). I used tattoo goo once and it made my skin break out so bad because it trapped oil in. I never bothered to experiment with other aftercare product because I’m not about to get another 9 hour session because of fading/ink bleeding out you know.
I know h2ocean is good with aftercare.